Movement of the Day: Red de Evolución Colaborativa

Excerpted from Victor Valenzuela:

“We are a Chilean group called “Red de Evolución Colaborativa” (Collaborative Evolution Network), RedEC. We work in the study, analysis, implementation and promotion of alternative production models.

Our goal is to reach a society that allows an indefinite, collective and individual development (social evolution). We are profoundly convinced that the peer to peer network model and open knowledge are powerful tools that, if well used and organized, can help us to improve our life conditions.

We are currently working on three major projects:

– An online platform for the organization and creation of projects. Its objective is to connect people, that have or want to have, the necessary knowledge to design and implement productive technology through collaboration and open access (early stages):

– Replicating the CEB Press Liberator from the OSE project.

– The design of a physical space in Chile for the development of open productive technologies that could potentially allow people to have autonomy with respect to capitalist production models. The objective is to show the empowerment that collaboration and abundance of information can bring to the community.

We are looking forward to contribute to the P2P community with work and dedication to put an end to the exploitation of man by man, in order to achieve the transcendence of society.”

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