Minimum Demands of Barcelona Protest Camp

Minimum demands from the Barcelona Protest Camp May 31, 2011


-TRANSLATION- from 15 May Revolution (Originally posted at consulted 31 May 2011 17:00 )

Minimum Demands

In Barcelona several documents are being written collectivly, ?? they collect the wisdom and the contributions of hundreds of people. These documents speak about the different levels in which we operate to bring change. They are all documents in progress, open and in constant improvement.

This is document is only one of them.

Specialized subcommittees have been created to produce content with the aim to add more specific documents to this first one.

We are changing the world. Completely.

Meanwhile politicians that don’t represent us are still there, legislating about our lives.

This is why we are writing here some measures that can be easily understood and applied. Alert! This document is about minimal actions . Actually what we want is much greater, something that may never be undesrstood.

We will transmit this to the mayors elected on the 22nd May elections. We will ask them what follows, point by point.

1 – No more privileges for politicians, starting with those in Barcelona:

Drastic reduction of the politicians salary of the drastic political to put them at the same level of the population? average salary

Removal of their privileges on tax payments, allowances, pension contributions (In Barcelona only this would save at least half a million euros a month).

Prohibition of pension set above the maximum pension for the rest of the citizens.

Removal their legal immunity for corruption cases. Dismisal of the corrupt politicians.

2 – No more privileges for bankers:

– Prohibition of any rescue or capital injection to banks or any actions for saving banks: entities in distress must fail or be nationalized to became a public bank under social control.

– Immediat and transparent return to the public coffers of all public capital provide to banks

– Regulation of speculation and sanctions for poor banking practices. Prohibition on investment in fiscal paradises.

– All properties acquired by foreclosures, should be rented in social regime to evicted families.

3. No more privileges to large fortunes:

[ To solve the deficit problem in Spain, it would be enough to apply to the 50 largest fortunes the 5% of the salary cuts that were imposed to the civil servant’s salaries]

– Increase the tax rate on large fortunes and banks, elimination of the ICVCs

– Stop the supression of the succesion tax. Recovery of the wealth tax.

– Effective control over tax 3. No more privileges to large fortunes:evasion and capital evasion to fiscal paradises.

– Promoting international adoption of a tax on financial transactions (Tobin Tax).

With the application of the these three points above enought budget would be obatined to solve the next four issues. Because there is no shortage of money.

4. Decent wages and quality of life for everyone:

– The economy serves the people and not vice versa

– Establishment of a maximum wage as well as a minimum.

– Reduction of number of working hours, so that everyone can enjoy life, have time to think and can balance his personal and professional life, without reductions in salary. This downsizing will allow a sharing of tasks that would end the structural unemployment.

– Withdrawal of the pension reform.

– Safety at work: supression of collective dismissals or dismisals for “objective causes” in large companies while there are benefits; control of large companies to ensure they don’t engage temporary employees in jobs that could be cover with permanent labour contracts

– Recognition of domestic work, reproductive work and family care work.

5. Right to housing

– Expropriation of unsold vacant housing to raise the offer of public social rent.

– Declaration of cities free of evictions and eviction.

– Criminalization of mobbing practices.

– Donation in payment of housing to cancel the mortgages, retroactively from the beginning of the crisis.

– Prohibition on real estate speculation.


– Withdrawal of proposed budgetary cuts by the Catalan government (Generalitat). Withdrawal of the austerity plans and cuts affecting public services at national, European and globa levell.

– Reestablishment of services already cut in health and education.

– Increased health personnel and infrastructure to end waiting lists.

– Increase number of teachers and of educational insfraestructures to maintain the ratio of students per classroom, the groups split and the support groups in schools.

– Ensure truly equal opportunities for access to all levels of education, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds. Allocate public resources to public education only. Schools should be equals and of quality

– Funding for public research to ensure its independence.

– Public transport economically affordable to all people, quality and ecologically sustainable (NOT CONSENSUS REACHED YET IN THIS POINT. DISCUSSION / DEBATE STILL NEEDED)

– Public free care to children and people with special needs.

– Prohibition of privatization of public services.

– Submit our membership in the NATO to referendum.


– Stop control of Internet. Abolition of the law of cinema know as the “law Sinde”

– Protection of freedom of information and of the independence of investigative journalism. Removal of legal dispositions preventing the exercise the right of free use of community and non profit media. Elimination of de facto monopolies of radio space.

– Implementation of free software in public institutions to ensure sustainability.

– Withdrawal of the “civility bylaw” (ordenaça del civisme); withdrawal of any bylaw that limits the freedom of movement and freedom of speach.

– Mandatory and binding referendums on issues of great importance (including European directives)

– Elimination of non-regular raids on migrants and removal of the Immigration Law and current closure of CIEs. We support voting rights for migrants.


– Establishment of effective mechanisms to ensure internal democracy in political parties: open lists, direct election of Councillors (This point has not been completed to agree. MISSING DISCUSSION / DEBATE)

– Budget approved for by all citizens

Here the text will mention the discontinuation of some industries and professional bodies. We call for the relocation of these professionals or the reconversion of this industrial activity sectors .

8. Environment

– The economical system can not be based on indefinite economic. This is not sustainable.

– Food sovereignty, promoting peasant agriculture, rather than multinationals.

– Promotion of agro-ecological farming. Suspension of GM based on the precautionary principle, to resolve uncertainties about the impacts on the environment and health. We support land reform.

– Sustainable development and fair trade. Prevent monopolies controlling the distribution of food, to guarante access to all producers.

– With all these measures above and others comply with the CO2 emissions reduction objective beyond the Kyoto Protocol. We support a true climate justice.


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