Michel Bauwens on Reputation and its role in the Commons

A very recent podcast interview with the P2P Foundation’s Michel Bauwens conducted by Frederick Malouf from The QSE. Regarding the interview, Frederick notes that “… the main objective is to present what P2P can achieve and how to do it, so emphasising reputation is critical, especially as a means of managing the commons, as well as the sustainable status potential it can achieve, and the abundance of that.”

From the Shownotes to the Podcast

Frederick Malouf. “I would not be wrong in saying that Michel is the founder of peer-to-peer research in the modern age, and I have to say it is privilege to interview him on models that best organise the commons. In this money age, I admit it is hard to leverage solely reputation platforms to gift sustainable quality, but the P2P Foundation is an incalculable resource to demonstrate the incredible empowerment that exchanging quality can be, and the way that people overcome the disempowering nature of money to achieve that. You can find out more at P2PFoundation.net. Live the dream. :)”

About the Interviewer

Frederick has always been an outcast, but never a follower. Such a foundation lead him to study architecture, the philosophy of art, which grounded him in applying critical thinking, not be enveloped in the academia of this. Never content to be stuck in an office and not practice the art of architecture, the perpetual traveller left Australia with borrowed money to Europe. Spending everything in 4 months, he stayed away for 7 years, seeing 33 countries over 3 continents and sailing across the Atlantic twice. A huge head-on collision in Mexico while making his way hitch-hiking to Brazil brought him home to recover.

After completing his masters in design, he fell into radio as a volunteer as the only outlet to broadcast his autonomous ideas, using the platform to learn why being sustainable wasn’t cool. This brought about his discovery that the only platform that values unlimited quality creation in the most sustainable way is gifting. His current program Theqse (The Quality Status Economy), is his platform for discussing the empowerment of gifting to achieve self-awareness, which he expresses playing ambient music during drive time. 🙂

He is now working with gifters worldwide to connect them together as one powerful force to change the world.

Find more of his work here: http://theqse.tumblr.com

Lead image by Unchalika Bauwens

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