Michel Bauwens on empathic, rigorous responses to the Anthropocene

Michel is founder of P2PFoundation.net and a global advocate for CommonsTransition.org

Both organisations are inspiring individuals in local, regional, national ‘communities of interest’, and ‘communities of practice’ to cooperatively design solutions toward a more sustainable human future (beyond the binary of Liberal/Labour fuelled toxic economics & exclusive capitalism), out of necessity.

In this interview between Michel and Redland City Councillor, Paul Bishop, Michel explores some powerful themes that are rising within our collective human global capacity, in an historically predictable response to the systemic international crisis that is impacting humanity as we enter a ‘climate of change’, that many now refer to as ‘The ’.

Michel describes the nascent unfolding of rigorous, empathic, rigorous responses (which many individuals are applying toward this change) as something palpable, an event that is actually… ‘a Renaissance’.

Watching this video, viewers can themselves gain a sense of perspective, and realise that while we have much work to do as we navigate historically unchartered territory together, our future work as caring global citizens is being inspired by faith, hope and love.

Please feel free to share with others who care.
Best wishes,
Paul (& Michel)


Photo by brozkeff

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