The Matrix of Economic Evolution

The Presencing Institute and Otto Scharmer have produced an evolutionary matrix of economic systems which posits a commons-centric economy as the next step, echoing the theses of Jeremy Rifkin, Paul Mason and the P2P Foundation.

For a background explanation, go here.


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  1. AvatarTom Christensen

    No surprise, this is a beautiful matrix map of the multiple economies that exist, and probably have to continue to exist, as the planetary community of humans continues to mature. Since these are evolutionary, younger people/groups/countries will traverse this continuum as they mature. Thus, the strategy into the future, must be to focus on providing what is needed at each level, for each level to thrive. This view entails that the newer levels emerge out of the prior level finding itself up against an evolutionary wall…current problems are unsolvable, something new has to emerge, and it does. This stratified view of human maturation is an essential perspective if we are to foster health and well being for all systems on Earth. Well done, Otto S!

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