Marisa Morán Jahn on CareForce

The P2P Foundation is serializing video highlights from last year’s Platform Cooperativism conference. Click here to see all conference videos.

(14 Mins) Marisa Morán Jahn, Studio REV — Initiated by artist Marisa Morán Jahn (Studio REV-) with the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Caring Across Generations, the CareForce is a transmedia, public art project, web series, and mobile studio (the CareForce One) that amplifies the voices of America’s fastest growing workforce, caregivers. The CareForce uses a variety of transmedia tools to communicate the growing movement — from an audio novela app accessible by any kind of phone, dance, legal toolkits, comics, performance, artworks, to film — that employ a high touch, low-tech strategy to appeal to the unconverted, introduce a sense of enfranchisement (digital, institutional, legal), and culture-shift by introducing key memes to dignify a low-wage labor force that has been traditionally invisible. In so doing, the CareForce works in tandem with existing digital resources, platforms, and pipelines to build a movement towards long-term structural change and socio-economic, gender equity.

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