Circumvention Tech Festival March 1-6 Valencia, Spain

We are happy to announce that the OpenITP Circumvention Tech Festival will take place on March 1-6, in Valencia, Spain.

This festival is a collaboration that will consist of a week-long series of conferences, workshops, hackathons, and social gatherings, bringing together the organizations and individuals that work on or with anti-surveillance and anti-censorship technology tools.

CTFestival will cross-pollinate information across disciplines, while providing individuals with opportunities to collaborate with those who focus on specific regions or facets of the field. In addition, we will be conducting an event series serving the Spanish-speaking circumvention tech community.

Visit the CTFestival website!

Current Programming

To date, we’ve booked the following events for the Festival. If you would like to talk about sponsoring or adding an event to this program, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Circumvention Tech Summit
  • Secure User Practices
  • Tor Project Hack Event
  • ASL19 Iran CyberDialogues
  • Trainers Workshop
  • Journalism Security
  • Spanish-Speaking Circumvention Tech Series
  • Unconference Workshop Series

Festival Hosts & Partners

We’ve gathered a great team of partners, hosts, and sponsors: OpenITP, ASL19, CPJ, IREX, Tor, ProjectPsiphon, European Journalism CentreRenewable Freedom Foundation and the Open Technology Institute

And we are still in the process of onboarding more partners! If you are interested contact us at [email protected].

How You Can Help: Needs & Wants

Currently, we are looking for tools and organizations that would like to have a presence in our expo center. This would include setting up a table and providing training on tools to both the circumvention tech community and the local Spanish community. Notably, if you focus on the Spanish world, we want to hear from you! We also seek individuals and organizations to present during our Spanish-Speaking World Series. We are also looking for sponsors! Contact  [email protected] if interested.


Las Naves in Valencia has graciously offered to host the 2015 CTFestival. Las Naves is a space dedicated to culture and promotion of arts. They support the growth and development of young artists, and generate synergies between them to encourage collective and multidisciplinary creations. It is also an international community for entrepreneurship, which supports business owners, entrepreneurs and startups, and encourages collective and collaborative culture.

If you would like to be updated on this event, please ping us at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you there!


The OpenITP Circumvention Tech Festival Team
(Sandra Ordonez, Ciprian Iancu, and James Vasile)

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