Marc Dangeard proposes a commons for entrepreneurs

I missed this new concept, which makes a lot of sense, when it came out last June.

Marc Dangeard says the venture capital model, which leaves 99% of the enterpreneurs unfunded, is largely broken, and something new is needed, which he calls the Entrepreneur Commons.


A not-for-profit social network of entrepreneurs providing financing for early stage company through debt guaranteed by a mutual guarantee fund. The financial risk is mitigated by the mutual guarantee fund. The risk on the “management” side is mitigated by the social network: loans are by invitation only, so you will have to be approved by your peers to get in. And the typical scalability issue faced by general partners in a VC fund (which causes the famous “funding gap”) is also resolved by the social network: the size of loans and the number of entrepreneurs involved is no longer a problem, and if anything it helps stabilize the results of the group as a whole.”

The idea is getting traction, and the Skoll Foundation is now holding a lively debate on this proposal. I urge you to read the various contributions at the bottom of the article.

For more information, I keep track of funding proposals through a delicious tag.

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