Oct 13th – 27th Join Global #MapJam 2.0 to Put the New Economy on the Map!


The P2P Foundation are happy to announce our partnership with Shareable and the Sharing Cities Network in supporting this years Global #MapJam.

This October, the Sharing Cities Network will launch the Second Annual Global #Map Jam to bring activists together in cities around the world to connect the dots and map: grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons.

Mapping all of the shared resources in your city not only shows that another world is possible–it shows it’s already here! Asset maps are powerful organizing tools. They  make community assets more visible–creating a base for further community development, leading to new collaborations and illuminating openings for new project ideas to fill in the gaps. They also get a lot of traffic! Depending on the size of your city, your map could easily get thousands of visits in just a few months after creating it.

Scheduled to correlate with New Economy Week, the Map Jam will launch on Indigenous People’s Day and continue for 2 weeks from Monday, October 13th – Sunday, the 27th.

Global Map Jam Day will take place on October 16th featuring a 24hr mapping ‘round the world across multiple continents and timezones.

Sign up now to be an Event Host and you will be provided with a comprehensive Guide to Mapping, Webinar, Q&A/Support Calls and Promotional Materials to support the success of your local event.

The second annual asset mapping event will build upon the tremendous success of last years campaign when 500 mappers partied together in 60 cities and made 50 maps in just 2 weeks launching the Sharing Cities Network in the process. Groups in many cities have already begun to step up and are planning to host Map Jams in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Hartford, Louisville, Nairobi and Rochester just to name a few and many groups from last year will be coming back together… who knew that mapping could be so much fun?

The Map Jam has received a broad base of support led by the Sharing Cities Network  and partners including: New Economy Coalition, US Solidarity Economy Network, Transition US, Center for a New American Dream, OuiShare, P2P Foundation, Post Carbon Institute, The People Who Share, Students Organizing for Democratic Alternatives, Solidarity NYC, Data Commons,  RIPESS (International Network for the Promotion of Social Solidarity Economy) and many other community and Sharing Cities groups.

Interested in organizing a Map Jam in your community? Or attending one? Please sign up here to get involved.

Map Jam’s are easy to organize and a small, dedicated group of people can get together for a few hours to map as many shared resources, cooperatives and sharing services in their city or town as possible. Like a musical jam, it should be fun, social, and jammers should find a groove as they work. Join the Sharing Cities Network facebook group to get the latest updates and meet other ‘map jammers’.


1 Comment Oct 13th – 27th Join Global #MapJam 2.0 to Put the New Economy on the Map!

  1. AvatarJon Richter

    Please make sure to use Open Source Mapping tools like uMap¹, Ushahidi² or CartoDB³ to map.
    Then data interoperability and portability for integration into the http://transformap.co will be maintained.

    Also supporting the visibility of the existence of OpenStreetMap background layers and Open Source Mapping Libraries like Leaflet helps the whole sharing world.

    You are also kindly invited in participating to write our overview article about Mapping Workshop Formats over at https://wiki.14mmm.org/.

    ¹ http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/
    ² https://crowdmap.com/welcome
    ³ http://cartodb.com/

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