Making change happen: A tribute to Robin Murray

Robin Murray’s life and work has been celebrated recently in London at an RSA event that Awarded him the Albert Medal for social innovation and co-operative change. The tributes by Ed Mayo and others at the Award ceremony are wonderful and on this riveting video followed up by tributes from the floor. The following text is republished from the RSA’s website.

About the event

The 2017 Albert Medal is awarded posthumously to Robin Murray for pioneering work in social innovation.

As an industrial and environmental economist, Murray was active and influential across several fields, from cooperatives to energy system innovation. He was deeply committed to a democratic, creative and collaborative response to economic and technological change and developed pioneering economic programmes in local, regional and national governments.

In this Albert Medal event, we will hear from close collaborators Geoff Mulgan, Hilary Cottam and Ed Mayo who will offer insights into Murray’s work, and explore how it has inspired and informed a wide range of policy debate and development around the social innovation movement.

The Albert Medal is awarded for innovation in the fields of creativity, commerce and social improvement. This year’s event is organised with Nesta.

Photo by tidefan

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