New filtration brought to light by Xnet’s Mailbox

Today we are leaking Caja Madrid Foundation’s contracts: how the Spanish conservative Popular Party (PP) used Caja Madrid buy political parties and trade unions.

Thanks again to anonymous citizen collaboration and Infolibre’s free journalism work, today we are revealing through our Mailbox for citizen leaks agains corruption (Xmailbox) – a secure citizen e-mailbox for leaks against corruption – another major corruption case: how the plot of the Black Cards’ system worked; where the cards were only a small part of it all.

It was through Blesa’s leaked emails that we uncovered and made public the Black (credit) Cards’ scandal and the first hints of what is now brought to light.

From the beginning we insisted on the thesis that what we revealed with the Black Cards was not only bad practices of political parties’ representatives, trade unions and business’ organizations (through their expenses and purchases) but rather an entire system of institutional corruption; a mafia structure.

This is what we suspected then and what we can fully demonstrate now.

Thanks to Blesa’s emails we learnt that “Blesa was paying Caja Madrid subsidies to the Popular Party (PP), the socialists (PSOE) and one of the main trade unions (CCOO) through foundations designated by themselves”. One of the two foundations that the PP identified as eligible for funding was Fundescam, suspected of illegal financing with Esperanza Aguirre’s campaign in 2003. The other was the FAES. In PSOE’s case, the money is distributed “among six foundations, as they decide themselves”.

No one explains it better than Fundacion Caja Madrid’s director through Blesa’s emails; Rafael Spottorno (also former head of the Royal House and former personal secretary of King Felipe VI).

“The subsidies are for foundations linked to the different sensitivities represented in the Board (of the Caja Madrid Foundation). The figures should not therefore be calculated foundation by foundation, but rather sensitivity by sensitivity” explains Spottorno while citing three “sensitivities”; PP, PSOE and CCOO and detailing how money is being transferred to them from the Caja Madrid Foundation through “foundations designated by them”.

The subsidies were granted to political parties and trade unions through their foundations.

Journalist Javier Ruiz, back in 2013, stated some facts through VozPopuli: “Two of every three Euros regarding donations during the Blesa era, ended up in the hands of foundations related to the PP”

That is what we suspected back then, while working on the legal side of it through the 15MpaRato device, and what we can fully demonstrate now.

Now we have the original documents that allow us to reconstruct the looting plot.

As stated in the definition of mafia-type organisations, members of the organisation – in this case made up of leaders from the PP, PSOE, IUmadrid and the trade unions CCOO & UGT – had the right to enrich themselves (through the Black Cards ) provided that there was a return to the organisation.

What is now brought to light are the contracts with the screen foundations through which this return was made.

Infolibre has processed the information and will be publishing the research over the following days: