Living On the Edge, Comfortably

Dave Pollard is one of the must read blogs on the internet.

In a recent article, on “Living on the Edge”, he offers two interesting graphs, which are worth pondering, as Tibetan mandala’s almost.

I’m not sure how he arrives at this data, that there are 10% ‘edge innovators’ in society; it reminds me of the estimate by the French integral and complexity philosopher Edgar Morin, and his estimation that there are 10% ‘altruists’.

In the second graph, he compares the elements that differentiate a conformist/conventional lifestyle, from the autonomous and more risky lifestyle of living on the edge.

A good tool to review the pro-s and con’s (as I did for myself when I decided to downshift after a corporate career and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand).

For his comments, see

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