Legislation and Finance for community ownership of renewable energy across Europe

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Monday, 6 October, 2014 – 09:30 to 16:30 | Brussels, Belgium

REScoop 20-20-20 in cooperation with Co-power and the European Union organises a conference on legislation and finance for people’s ownership of community renewable energy across Europe.

Conference objectives

We urgently need to change our energy system into one powered by renewable energy to end
our dependency on fossil fuels and the harm they are doing to peoples, our climate and our
environment. By putting communities and citizens at the heart of a shift to renewable
energy we can achieve a transition more quickly, fairly and with added benefits.
All over Europe communities and citizens are already producing community owned renewable
energy. However, many barriers still need to be tackled, such as the lack of political will for a
transition towards renewables, and financial and legal obstacles to community owned projects.
The conference will focus on the following topics:

• Successful community renewable energy projects
• Legislative challenges across Europe
• Financing in Central and Eastern European countries
• Renewable energy cooperatives (REScoops) and financing
Target groups: EU and national policy makers, RES industry


Download the program (pdf)


09:30 Registration


Moderation: Dominik Rutz, WIP Renewable Energies, Germany

10:00 Welcome and introduction

Susann Scherbarth, Friends of the Earth Europe, Belgium

10:05 Key note speech (tbc.)

10:20 Latest EU policy developments in the field of climate and energy – community

energy perspectives

Marie Donnelly, DG Energy, European Commission, Belgium (tbc.)

To be invited by EASME, Stephan Renner

10:35 Enabling community energy in Europe: CO-POWER and REScoop 20-20-20 actions

Susann Scherbarth, Friends of the Earth Europe, Belgium

Dirk Vansintjan, Ecopower, Belgium


Success stories

Moderation: Rita Mergner, WIP Renewable Energies, Germany

10:50 Elektrizitätswerke Schönau in Germany

Ursula Sladek, EWS, Germany (tbc.)

11:00 The use of energy savings in cooperatives : a success story in the Czech Republic

Speaker to be proposed

11:10 Coffee break


Legislation and financing

Moderation: Dirk Vansintjan, Ecopower, Belgium

11:30 Financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects across Europe

Karel Derveaux, Ecopower, Belgium (tbc.)

11:45 Legislation on community RES projects in Europe: different models in Europe

Josh Roberts, ClientEarth, UK

12:00 Cohesion funding opportunities for cooperatives

Markus Trilling, Bankwatch

12:15 Lunch Panel discussion: future of community power projects in Europe

Moderation – Journalist (e.g. J. Mock) – Invited by Susann

13:15 Panellists

Marie Donnelly, DG Energy, European Commission, Belgium (tbc.)

Claude Turmes, European Parliament, Belgium (tbc.) – To be invited by EASME,

Stephan Renner

Mayor of a city

Magda Stoczkiewicz, Director of FoEE (invited by Susann)

Local authority (the city of Freiburg etc.)

Objective: to discuss concrete possibilities to move community energy forward in current climate energy debates

14:15 Coffee break

Working groups on community energy

Moderation: Markus Trilling, Bankwatch, Belgium and Josh Roberts, ClientEarth, UK

14:35 Working groups on community energy

Group 1: Financing community owned renewable energy projects

Discussion on financing barriers and solutions on European and national level

Moderator: Markus Trilling, Bankwatch, Belgium

Group 2: Enabling legislation

Discussion on legislative barriers and solutions on European and national level

Moderator: Josh Roberts, ClientEarth, UK

Summary of discussions

16:00 Concluding remarks Journalist (e.g. J. Mock)

16:15 End

Managenergy Conference Announcement Wip 30-07-2014

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