Launch of We Magazine Volume 2

we-magazine is all about the emergence of a new understanding of”WE”, caused and driven by the WEB in the fields of art, culture,society, education, economics and science …

“we-magazine was first launched in august 2008 and has so far reached in more than 140 counries worldwide! it has been translated into arabic and chinese … so will vol. 02.”

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Table of Content, we-magazine Vol. 02:

* Open Social Discourse And Web Culture, Stowe Boyd

* The Emergence Of Open Design And Open Manufacturing, Michel Bauwens

* Does Democracy Work? – Interview with Lawrence Lessig

* Sharism: A Mind Revolution, Isaac Mao

* Empowering Voices, Interview with Sami Ben Gharbia

* We Help Villagers Help Themselves –, Interview with Sonja Vucic

* Human Is Not Limited to Flesh, Interview with Martine Rothblatt

* Spirits In A Digital World, Interview with A.K.M. Adam

* Erotic Enlightment Is The Key To Happiness In Society, Interview with Iris Brosch

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