Launch of the School of Commoning in London

Full announcement from Mark Jagdev, one of the co-founders, is here.

The website of the school is here.

Excerpted from the announcement:

“George Por, Anna Betz, myself and others have co-founded the School of Commoning as an online and offline forum for commons education based in London. We have established ourselves as a Community Interest Company under UK law. Our motto… All for the Whole, the Whole for All. So what does that look like in our aims, vision, purpose, principles and what we can offer the whole? Lets briefly explore together these essential characteristics of our fledgling school…

We are aiming commons education to people, organizations, and communities, who can enhance their well-being by jointly cultivating and managing their common pool of resources, need to learn/discover/develop effective distinctions, tools and methods for doing so. The Commons is a rapidly growing social, cultural, and economic life form; supporting its development requires the development of new capabilities and perspectives, individual and collective.”

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