Launch of the P2P Research Group

I´m extremely happy to announce this initiative, which will enable people interested in p2p dynamics to more easily appeal for research funding.

Below is a short announcement from Athina Karatzogianni, please ask for the document that she is referring to in her email listed below. If you are involved with research, academic or not, please let us know and do forward this message to other networks.


“The P2P Foundation in collaboration with the University of Hull are creating a P2PResearch Group (P2PRG) with a physical base in Hull, in order to initiate a material equivalent to the various virtual networks we are all part of. Some of the goals of the group are to attract funding to improve already existent infrastructures, create more material and immaterial networks and hubs and capture funding for research, conferences and workshops. A conference scheduled for November will also produce a direct and transparent steering committee to oversee the various activities of the group. Therefore, it would be particularly helpful, if everyone, who is interested in participating, fills as much information as they can, in the document attached, and email it to Athina at [email protected]

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