Launch of the Law Underground collaborative

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Law Underground is a rule-based expert system :

“legal rules are entered in an if-then format, and the program uses them to dynamically generate interviews for end users. As a result, users are given information specific to their needs based on their responses.

The site is motivated by the vast inequality in access to legal information (I am a public interest lawyer) and many facets of its design have been inspired by Wikipedia. Like Wikipedia, information is amassed in a bazaar-style collaboration. Unlike Wikipedia, it is entered as rules rather than narrative text, and only law students and lawyers, rather than the public at large, are contributors.”

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  1. AvatarJames Burke

    wow i just found out that i can emigrate to the us and work there via this tool. So easy to use. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I thought i was too old to do this but perhaps that is no longer a problem.

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