Last chance to help this great P2P project!

Bangla-Pesa Crowdfunding CampaignThe Bangla-Pesa project is an alternative currency initiative in Kenya. The organizers have already had to contend with being imprisoned by the local police for ‘counterfeiting money’, but happily they won their court case and the project is now supported by the Kenyan state.

Now they have organized a crowdfunding drive to take the project to the next level.

From the project description:

“Empower communities to pull themselves out of poverty by helping them develop and manage their own community currency. Community currencies are a structured form of barter which works as a supplement to national currency. There’s no debt, no interest, and small businesses can trade even if they are “poor” in Kenyan shillings.”

I highly recommend supporting this P2P project which helps people to help themselves – please share in all your networks!

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