Knight News Challenge Submission – A global platform for transition to an open knowledge society

Show your support for the submission to the Knight News Challenge to build on the experience of the FLOKsociety project and create a global platform for transition to an open knowledge society. You can help by spreading the word or show a little love by applauding the project and others on

In ONE sentence, tell us about your project to strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation.

We’re working to create a permanent, expandable platform for open technology-focused policy making, as free technical infrastructures can only exist in the favourable context of a more open society.

Who will benefit from what you propose? What have you observed that makes you think that?

The project has the potential to empower and transform local policy and decision-making processes through our open knowledge platform. Following the global responses we have received, we believe that the time is right for an expanded effort rooted in various locations, in order to refine locally-adapted policy models, validated by local input and experience. A truly open Internet doesn’t only depend on the interconnection of bottom-up open technologies, but also requires policy frameworks that are favourable to their adoption and maintenance. Cities, regions, nation-states and supra-national entities will be able to benefit from collaborative open policy-making, learning from each other’s experiences.

What progress have you made so far?

FLOKS’ collaborative efforts have already produced 10 draft policy proposals toward an integrated transition program, the first effort of its kind. Our documents on Human Capabilities, Commons Oriented Productive Capacities, Social Infrastructure and Institutional Innovation, Open Technical Infrastructures, and Commons Infrastructure for Collective Life may be viewed (under the heading of Research – Streams) on the FLOKSociety wiki ( These proposals will be presented and discussed at a global-local summit in Quito at the end of May 2014.

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Our friends from the P2P Lab in Greece have also made a submission – The P2P Urbanism Platform: From the Social to the Urban Web


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