The P2P Foundation (and Guerrilla Translation!) is exceedingly happy with this recent development. Our heartfelt thanks to Julia Kogol and Andrew Gryf Paterson for making this happen.

The Political Economy of Peer Production essay by Michel Bauwens, written in 2005, and first published on platform is one of the keystone texts for the conceptual framework of P2P Foundation’s work, capable of explaining and understanding the influence of peer to peer and distributed networks or technologies on society, in relation to production, governance and property. It has been directly translated since to Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Mongolian and Spanish; as well as approximately to French. Each new language brings with it a localisation to a particular linguistic and conceptual context, as well as potential new engagements.

We are happy to announce that a Russian translation has been finally added to this list, undertaken and led by Julia Kogol of Cinema Perpetuum Mobile (CPM) collective in Minsk, Belarus. Although there has been some auto machine-translations made of P2P blog in the past from English to Russian, this is the first time this foundational text has been carefully translated and published in dialogue with P2P Foundation. Kogol is one of the coordinators of the annual International Short Film Festival organised by the collective since 2011, and in addition to being a film enthusiast, is an educated linguist and translator by profession. She is interested in future cooperation with Guerrilla Translation network, potentially opening up new branches among English, Spanish, Belarusian and Russian languages.

The translation is an outgoing process from meeting and cultural exchange between the CPM collective and artist-organiser Andrew Gryf Paterson (Pixelache Helsinki) in April 2016, and a hopeful starting point for further collaboration in next year’s Cinema Perpetuum Mobile 2017 Festival around the same time of year. Special thanks to those who reviewed the translation.

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