Julia Reda: Correcting Copywrongs

On Monday Jan 12th we featured an article from TorrentFreak by Rick Falkvinge “In Europe, Pirates Are Writing The Copyright Law” in which Falkvinge discusses the success of the Pirate Party movement and in particular the work of MEP Julia Read.

Today we feature a comprehensive talk on the state of EU copyright reform by Julia Read which took place at 31c3.

Julia Reda –

After years of debate, EU copyright law is finally being revisited. The Commission will present a proposal for reform within 4 months of 31c3. And it’s high time: There has never been a bigger discrepancy between the technical feasibility to share information and knowledge across all physical borders and the legal restrictions to actually do so. This talk outlines the unique opportunity and the challenge to bring copyright into the 21st century that lies in front of us. Hackers ensured that people were heard during last winter’s public consultation. Can they now also ensure a progressive outcome of the reform process?

See also – https://juliareda.eu/en/

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