Video: John Higson on Sustainable Empowerment Platforms for an Ethical Economy

John Higson’s priority is how to involve a maximum number of people involved in decision-making processes in the creation of sustainable local economies.

John Higson is a “social entrepreneur, and former branding consultant that got tired of creating added value for products that lack true value.

John is convinced that our most wasted natural resource(s) are the citizens of this planet, the vast majority that feel disenfranchised from key decision making processes.

John has created a number of prize-winning empowerment platforms where customers meet and cooperate with small scale producers or suppliers of sustainable or creative products. In 2000 he started with Bondens egen Marknad, Sweden’s first farmers market and the world’s first branded one. This was followed by STREET 2004 an award winning meeting place, market and restaurant for creators and artists in Stockholm.

John is presently involved in creating Sweden’s first consumer owned eco-farm — Drömgården, a community arts and environment technology project — 100Hus, building Sweden’s first environmental technology café restaurant and conference site, organizing Sweden’s first Community Planning event and developing inner city property together with local inhabitants and artists — Wasted Space.”

Watch the fascinating and uplifting video here:

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