I Have Seven Jobs and I Love It.

John Robb of Resilient Communities says the days of having one job all your life are over. Resiliency requires that we diversify.

In “I Have Seven Jobs and I Love It. Here’s Why You Will Too.” John explains how, by networking and by also taking care of the local aspect of our lives, we can easily hold down several jobs and live a better life than we can now …

“My dad had one job his whole life, I’ll have seven, and my kids will have seven jobs at the same time.” via Henry Mason/Seth Godin

That quote is spot on. I’ve said pretty much the same thing at least a dozen times, but never so concisely.

To understand this quote a bit better, here are two examples of how it may be possible to hold seven jobs and enjoy life.

Some examples from the article:

  1. Foodscaping your home. I’m writing a report on this right now. It goes way beyond simple gardening.
  2. Generating energy at home (with the excess sold to the grid to generate a nice retirement income). I just finished a report that shows you how to do this.
  3. Water harvesting from your home (I show you how).
  4. Making things at home and selling them to world online (wearing multiple hats as you do so).
  5. – or –

  6. Selling knowledge as a consultant via a global telecommute or at a local coworking space with 3-4 different clients.<
  7. /ol>

    I Have Seven Jobs and I Love It. Here’s Why You Will Too.

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