Jerry – how to make your own computer

Jerry is a French open source initiative intended to show that we don’t necessarily have to wait for money to become available to buy an expensive computer. With simple components, it is possible to construct a rugged computer system that can be adapted to all kinds of uses, even to server duty, and that can withstand the rigors of an inhospitable climate, in addition to being a cheap way to enter the world of computing.

Here is a little video on vimeo, by Romain&Emilien to “show and tell” about Jerry

Jerry-Lowcost DIY mobile server from BottleDream on Vimeo.

In March of this year, Jerry and its developers have also been to Burkina Faso in Africa, participating in the InnovAfrica forum which promoted hacking & IT development for those on the African continent who aren’t as lucky as we are to be able to buy manufactured computers.

Here is a Prezi – Jerry at InnovAfrica

There is also a channel dedicated to reporting on the latest developments around Jerry. Since it is a French project, most of the reporting is in French language…

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