Jerry Brito on Bitcoin and the End of State-Controlled Money


Just how revolutionary is Bitcoin? sat down with Mercatus Senior Research Fellow Jerry Brito to learn how Bitcoin operates and what the implications are for traditional state-based fiat currencies. “Whether Bitcoin succeeds or fails is neither here nor there,” says Brito, who predicts that currencies in the future will almost certainly be deregulated and decentralized – with or without governments’ consent.

About 2.30 minutes. Interview by Nick Gillespie; shot and edited by Joshua Swain.”

Watch the video:

2 Comments Jerry Brito on Bitcoin and the End of State-Controlled Money

  1. AvatarMichel Bauwens

    hi Lori,

    not sure how to understand the reference to Mercatus?

    it is my understanding that libertarian funders have been supporting the new wave of bitcoin developments, hence the strong stress on tax dodging etc … in the recent literature

    I’m pretty convinced by the critique of tav and the espians that bitcoin is a hoarding mechanism …

    It’s usefullness though remains as a proof of concept of a socially sovereign currency,


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