Inventing the Future: a Documentary Adaptation

Continuing our ongoing conversation on post-capitalism, Universal Basic Income and other trends, here’s an early look at a documentary version of Nick Srnicek’s and Alex Williams’s Inventing the Future

​The highly successful book Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams is being adapted into a documentary called Inventing the Future.

The project is currently in the process of being crowdfunded, and you can find details on how to support it here.

With the rise of what Mark Blyth has called “Global Trumpism,” the historical moment beckons for answers that are novel and transformative. In light of this, elaborating on ideas established in the book, this film will be a unique glimpse into a post-work world. Not merely a talking-heads piece, ItF will also be an expression of life after capitalism and its discontents.

The future is already but not yet. This film will palpate the surface of art, culture, and politics, releasing the flows of imaginative creation to provoke thought and action towards possible futures that are not yet realized. Automation. Universal Basic Income. Post-Work. Collective Subjectivity. Human Flourishing. These are concepts that Inventing the Future will express and explore.

At the helm is Director Isiah Medina, whose debut feature 88:88 was hailed as a “masterpiece” and an “avant-garde sensation” after it played Locarno, TIFF, and NYFF (among others). Original authors Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams are co-crafting the script.

Photo by steevithak

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