Inventing the Future: a Conversation with Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams

“We actually want automation. It’s not that automation is going to happen and we’re worried about it – we’re advocation for automation”

This is the second in a series of podcasts from New Economics Foundation on what they dub the Economics of the Future. It features Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams talking about their latest volume Demand the Future and, among other things, they make clear that the Universal Basic Income they advocate for isn’t Hayek’s brand of BI. For more P2P-perspectives on accelerationsim and Demand the Future, please follow this link.

From the shownotes to the podcast:

Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, authors of Inventing the Future, join Kirsty to discuss the possibility of a future without work.

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Produced by James Shield. Programme editor for NEF: Huw Jordan.

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  1. AvatarGary Flomenhoft

    One thing people never mention is that agricultural workers have already been replaced by automation over the last 100 years. 100 years ago in US something like 80% of people worked in agriculture and now it is 3%. So “fly-over” America has already been unemployed by automation! So they voted for Trump! If we want to see the future of work, we should look at agriculture for an example.

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