Introducing the ‘odious debt’ principle: Three #ows policy proposals from Prof. William Black

Intro via the Naked Capitalism blog:

“It is interesting to see how the popular desire for Occupy Wall Street to issue demands is leading various pundits and experts to boil down and update their views on what really needs to be done to fix the financial and political systems. (Note we are of the minority view that OWS is being shrewd in not acceding to pressure to reduce its desire for broad-based change to soundbites and an easily-to-digest program.”

A key quote from the former financial regulator:

“So to sum it up, Holder needs to be fired. We need to completely reorient the FBI to investigate the elite frauds. Geithner, who is pushing to try to get immunity for the criminals, needs to be fired three years ago, replaced with someone who will protect Americans, protect the 99 instead of the 1 percent. We can make the effective prosecutions, but we need new leaders and we need new–many more FBI agents working the cases, and they have to be reoriented to going after the elite criminals.”

– William K. Black

Watch the video, on three things the “Occupy Movement” could focus on, here :

(the second segment on ‘odious debt’ is of particular interest)

Here is an older interview by Amy Goodman at Democracy Now:

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