Interviews with open, p2p, and commons luminaries

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* Adam Greenfield on Everyware and Ubiquitous Computing
* Alan Moore on Engagement Marketing
* Axel Bruns on Produsage


* Basarab Nicolescu on Transdisciplinarity
* Bernard Lietaer on Complementary Currencies for Social Change
* Bruce Simpson on the Making of a Hacker


* Christopher Spehr on Out-cooperating Empire
* Cory Doctorow on Metadata as Metacrap
* Cory Doctorow on the threat of Digital Rights Management


* Dale Carrico on Technoprogressive Politics
* Dan Gillmor on Citizen Media
* Danny Hills on Freebase
* Dave Pollard on Collaboration
* David Sifry on Technorati


* Ed Felten on the Failed Protection of Digital Content
* Eleonora Oreggio on the Making of a Female Hacker
* Eric Raymond on Open Source
* Eric von Hippel on the Democratization of Innovation
* Ethan Zuckerman on the Geekcorps


* Harold Varmus on Open Access and the Public Library of Science


* Interview with Kevin Rose of Digg
* Interview with Mark Anielski on the Economics of Happiness


* James Cascio on Technology and Politics
* James Surowiecki on the Wisdom of Crowds
* Jay Rosen on Open Source Journalism
* Jean-Louis Sagot Duvauroux on Free Beer and Civilization
* Jerry Michalsky on the Relationship Economy
* Joe Raby interviews Limewire
* John Wilbanks on Sharing the Physical Tools of Science


* Karim Lakhani on Open Source Science


* Lawrence Lessig on Free Culture
* Linus Torvalds on Open Peer to Peer Design
* Linus Torvalds on the Adoption of the Linux Operating System
* Linus Torvards on CNN
* Lucas Gonze of Webjay on Decentralizing Taste


* Mark Shuttleworth on the Roots of Ubuntu
* Marshall McLuhan Playboy Interview 1994
* Michael Goldhaber on the Attention Economy
* Michael Hart on Project Gutenberg
* Mitchell Baker on the Origins of Mozilla’s Open Source Strategy


* Pete Ashdown on Open Source Politics
* Peter Koenig on What is Money
* Peter Murray-Rust on Open Data in Science 2.0
* Peter Suber on the Open Access Movement
* Philippe Van Parijs on the Basic Income


* Richard Jefferson on Biological Open Source
* Richard Poynder on Open and Free Developments
* Richard Stallman on Free Software
* Robert Fuller on Dignitarianism


* Stephan Merten on Free Software and the GPL Society
* Stevan Harnad on Open Access
* Subbiah Arunachalam on Open Access in India


* Tara Hunt on Co-Working


* Vitek Tracz on Open Access and BioMed Central


* Ward Cunningham on the Invention of the Wiki and its Impact


* Yochai Benkler on Peer Production

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