Interview with George Dafermos FLOKsociety researcher

George Dafermos during a presentation in Equador

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CommonsFest: Tell us a few things about what you do in Ecuador. What is the goal of the project and the benefits that you see for society in Ecuador as well as for the rest of the world?

George Dafermos: The goal of the FLOK Society Project is to develop a set of transition policy proposals for an alternative, post-capitalist model of social and economic organisation based on the principles of open source and free software; a model which provides free access to knowledge, using non-authoritarian organisational structures, with respect for human beings and the environment. That is especially important for Ecuador which has set itself the goal of transforming the country from an economy based on exctractivism to a social knowledge economy, that is, an economy that provides free access to knowledge. As for the global benefits, I believe that if we succeed here, we could change the world!

CF: You sound very optimistic and I like it. Speaking of an economic model which is based on free knowledge, can you give us a specific example?

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