Internationalizing the P2P Foundation Wiki: P2P is worldwide!

Until 2 months ago, it would have been fair to say that most of the resources at the P2P Foundation were distinctly ‘North Atlantic’, i.e. most covering European and North American trends, people and projects.

This is chaning as we are receiving collaboration from other regions.

Luis Gustavo Lira, a Peruvian free culture advocate who has his own
Blog and Wiki has created a well-stocked Peruvian page, which is competing with the already well-done page on Brazil. Luis also started updating a pan-regional page on Central and South America. Please also note the half a dozen pages on Asian countries, accessible from the main page at

More country-specific informaton can be found by checking the country tags at our delicious account, which are now bundled in one meta-category and so more easy to identify.

John Heron, who is based in New Zealand, has helped us with an extended entry on Participative Epistemology.

Bas Reus is a Dutch student we met at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam (and his blog on bottom-up social innovation is in English and very well done)Â and he is starting a well-stocked page with resources and articles in Dutch. This adds to our already well stocked Spanish and French page overviews.

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