International Forum on Access to Culture and Knowledge in the Digital Era – Organization and Action (FCForum)

The FCForum is an international arena in wich to build and coordinate action around issues related to free/libre culture and access to knowledge. Against the powerful lobbies of the copyright industries, the FCForum is a space for the construction of proposals arising from civil society in order to strengthen citizen’s positions in the debate around the creation and distribution of art, culture and knowledge in the digital era.

The Fcforum took place in two occasions in Barcelona, in tandem with oXcars festival – the biggest free/libre culture event of all time ; ) –. It is a three-day event of international scope in which to organize strategies that encompass different solutions and proposals from around the world, so that they add up and complement each other.

In 2009 edition, it has created the Charter for innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge, a comprehensive compendium that has been adopted as a Charter by many organizations around the world. The Charter was drafted by more than 100 specialists and major organizations from twenty different countries. It has turned out to be a very effective tool for counteracting reactionary legal proposals from content industries lobbies such as ACTA, and the Spanish Law for Sustainable Culture, among others.

In 2010, it created a How to Manual on Sustainable Models for Creativity in the Digital age. Many of the old models of sustainability of culture have become anachronistic and detrimental to civil society. The aim of this document is to promote innovative strategies to defend and extend the sphere in which human creativity and knowledge can prosper freely and sustainably.

Both resources (Charter 2009 and How to Manual 2010) are addressed to policy reformers, citizens and free/libre culture activists to provide them practical tools to actively operate change. They are available @ >>> Use and/or help to spread them!

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