Innovating through commons use: community-based enterprise

Via Frank van Laerhoven:

Editors-in-Chief Frank van Laerhoven and Erling Berge are pleased to
announce the publication of Volume 4, Issue 1 (2010) of the International
Journal of the Commons

Our newest issue contains a special feature called “Innovating through
commons use: community-based enterprises” that was prepared by Iain J. Davidson Hunt and Fikret Berkes.

Also, we would like to draw your attention to the special feature on
Microbial commons, that was prepared by Tom Dedeurwaerdere.

From the Table of Contents:

* Innovating through commons use: community-based enterprises (1-7) Fikret Berkes, Iain J. Davidson-Hunt

* Community-based enterprises and the commons: The case of San Juan Nuevo Parangaricutiro, Mexico (8-35)

* Placing the commons at the heart of community development: Three case studies of community enterprise in Caribbean islands (160-182) Sarah McIntosh, Yves Renard

On the Microbial Commons:

* Self-governance and international regulation of the global microbial
commons: Introduction to the special issue on the microbial commons
(390-403) Tom Dedeurwaerdere

* Governing the management and use of pooled microbial genetic resources: Lessons from the global crop commons (404-436) Michael Halewood

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