From the Andes: Wisdom Dialogues with Indigenous Knowledge

Learning to Value Mother Earth – Indigenous Knowledge

The the book ‘New World of Indigenous Resistance’ various indigenous thinkers from the Americas dialogue with linguist, philosopher and activist, Noam Chomsky on their perspectives on the world. They argue from varying epistemologies (how we gain knowledge), showing a fair degree of understanding of Western epistemology.

In the current article, it says,’The dialogues between scientists and farmers from the wise elders network of the Andean Programme for Food Sovereignty, referred to as the ‘Wisdom Dialogues’, led to a confirmation of the rich and detailed traditional knowledge held by the Quechua and Aymara communities living in areas such as the Carabaya and Puno provinces in Peru.’

We can see a sophisticated degree of observation of many variables or holism with which the indigenous use to make decisions about their world.

The article goes on to say, ‘…in the communities most knowledge is shared between men and women, with the exception that women are the guardians of seeds and food storage.’ In these indigenous cultures, women and men have roles, but knowledge is typically shared.

The article is a good read to understand better how indigenous people create knowledge and interact with the world.

Layne Hartsell

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