In support of the “No” in the Greek Referendum: 2) Richard Stallman

A copy of the statement of support of Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation:

“The international banks, and their plutocratist politicians, have brejected the easy course of giving Greece a path back to growth and to repaying most of its debt. They demand Greece accept six months more of the “help” that would leave Greece even more desperate. Apparently they want to make an example of Greece to intimidate other victims others.

With their rejection of Greece’s last offer, their arrogance is now explicit: they demand Greece choose between the disaster of economic
exclusion and the disaster of economic occupation.

It seems to me that it is better to suffer by fighting and weakening one’s enemies than to suffer by surrendering and serving them. It seems to me that these banks oppress all of Europe, so rebelling against them is imperative.

Thus, it seems to me that Greece should choose NO on July 5. No to the banksters’ ultimatum, no to their dominion, and no to their

That’s how it seems to me; but it is easy for me to say such things, since I won’t be the one who suffers. It is for Greeks to say how it seems to them.”