In #Solidarity with #Blockupy

De Nieuwe Universiteit (DNU) TV, our own media channel, goes On Air:
Block, Liberate and Deliberate!

Standing together in solidarity with #Blockupy swarm action targeting the new Troika Towers opening in Frankfurt which cost billions of
Euro, billed to the people.

Kom, kijk, en discussier mee! Come, watch and discuss together!

There will be an all day screening of the live streams coming from Frankfurt, where the 3rd international #Blockupy action will be taking place today 18th of March. The swarm action will be targeting the Troika’s new HQ, the new ECB towers, that cost billions of Euros to the people. Next to the screening, the DNU TV will be going On Air with a test broadcast. Our format and program will be collaboratively and openly constructed by the students, artists, activists, all others who are standing together with us and liberate the #Maagdenhuis everyday again and again from the predatory greed of the market players and grow the seeds of hope at Spui 21. We will be bringing deliberative? political debates, from the daily program of the Maagdenhuis, besides the selected videos, films, musics, art performances, teach-ins, and spontaneous interviews amongst others.

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