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Dear friends,

I hope we can count on you to defray some of the legal costs of the P2P Foundation, which one of our team has been funding so far.

Apart from existing as a informal network, if we want to attract funding for research projects and other activities such as conferences, we also need a legal structure, which exists in the Netherlands. This is why we achieved a first selection for a EU FP7 grant, which will fund 3 researchers as of march 2010; and why Phoebe is now leading another one, which will invovle many more members of our network.

If you sympathize with our aims, please contribute EUR 25 or 50, or more, or less, so that we can reach the EUR 1,000 mark, and James Burke can be reimbursed. James has been instrumental in keeping the wiki and blog going for 3 years now, with full dedication, so let’s do our best to share the burden.

Below, James explains how to send your contribution, simply by clicking to the donate button at the right hand side of our blog, see below,

Thanks for your support,

Michel Bauwens

The P2P foundation is a voluntary run organization with a legal base in the Netherlands. We recently incurred some costs for our general administration which we are scrambling to pay, but which need urgent attention. While unglamourous, making sure the foundation is legally valid costs something and filing taxes for 3 years of accounting too even if we have only been spending our own income on communications and admin so far. We’re not asking for much (1,000 euro) and the target should be easy to reach. As a reward to any donors, we will honor your contributions with a special blog post with your name, a link to your site and a small description covering what you do which will be received by the 3,000 or so feedreaders of this blog and 10,000 visitors each week. I would have covered the cost, but freelance jobs as an interaction designer are not flowing in like they were in 2008. Thanks in advance.

We promise to briefly profile contributors here on this blog and across our other platforms like the NING site and in newsgroups. We want to show our appreciation for any contributions by doing the least we can do which is giving you exposure (unless you expressly don’t want that).

Thank you already to Vasileios Kostakis for your donation.
Vasileios is a governance scientist, business consultant, p2p theorist, translator, and artist.

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