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Iniciativa Comunales is a group working to bring the commons in Spain back under local control, where users steward and protect it. Here is their declaration of intent:

The Valdeavellano de Tera Declaration on the Recognition and defense of the Commons and ICCAs in Spain 

We, the undersigned, within the framework of the ICCA Consortium meeting held in Valdeavellano de Tera in the province of Soria on 4 and 5 October 2013 and in accordance with the agreements reached during that meeting to constitute “The Commons Initiative: Initiative for the Recognition of Local Community Conserved Areas” working group to promote the study, advocacy and recognition of Local Community Conserved Areas

(ICCA) in Spain, declare:

1. That the commons and related customs, resources and collective rights are part of the cultural (including intangible), environmental and socio-economic heritage of Spain. That the commons (fishing, grazing, hunting, forestry uses, irrigation et al.) have been key to both the socio-economic survival of rural society and Spanish society in general and to the protection and integration of disadvantaged social groups and territories, as well as to the sustainable land management of these territories. For this reason, the commons must be studied, recognized and defended.

2. That the commons have been key to the conservation of biodiversity, landscapes and ecosystems in Spain, as well as to the proper management and conservation of the resources, services and values provided by these ecosystems to society. These management models and their ecological processes are essential parts of the great richness and diversity of our natural and cultural heritage.

3. That, in general, this common heritage has been assaulted in numerous ways over the course of history…

You can read the whole document here



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