How to stop SOPA? Occupy Hollywood. Here’s a plan. (#OccupyWallStreet update)

The 2012 Academy Awards are at the Kodak Theater on February 26, 2012. Most likely, SOPA/PIPA will not yet be law. This is a huge opportunity — and it doesn’t require a lot of people. In fact, a handful of buses (realizing it’s a long drive) from SF would do it.
Do what, exactly? Occupy Hollywood.


  • On January 24 (that’s the day of the PIPA cloture vote), find a movie theater — again, ideally in the SF area — and protest. If done right, it’ll be guaranteed to get tech press coverage, if not regional coverage as well. It doesn’t take a lot of people. Three dozen gets it done.
  • Every weekend until the Oscars, return to protest.
    Ideally, line up protestors in other cities who are going to follow your lead. Again, it’s not going to take a lot of people — 30 or so in NY, 30 or so here, 30 or so there.
  • Then, on February 25 — a Saturday, the day before the Oscars — Occupy the Kodak Theater. Not the building itself (no need to get arrested) — but everything public around it. The news that day is going to be about Oscar prep, and there’s really no way to avoid covering the protests if they’re going on right then, right there.

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