How the internet reshapes healthcare and e-patients

Via e-Patient, a 6-minute recommended video on the impact of the internet on healtcare, which opened the Reshape 09 conference in the Netherlands:

Healthcare and internet in the Netherlands from lucien engelen on Vimeo.

This video has been made to inform and inspire about the possibilities and challenges the internet and social media are offering to help in changing healthcare into Participatory Healthcare. It was used as opening video for Reshape 2009, The Netherlands in Dutch. You can find more (Dutch) information on and soon we’ll launch a (English) online community about Health 2.0 with i.e. scientific library.

Also you can check about our Health 2.0 conferences at or @reshape09 on twitter.

One of our next conferences will be 25-26 November 2010 at Maastricht : The First European Conference on Participatory Healthcare (will be initiative of UMC St Radboud / University of Twente / RIVM)

Suggestions, idea’s remarks please do : [email protected] or @zorg20 on twitter Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands 2009

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