Help our friends at the Cloughjordan Community Farm recoup their gear


The good folks at Cloughjordan Ecovillage have always treated the P2P Foundation and its surrounding community with warmth and respect. Please help them overcome this hiccup and spread the message while you’re at it.

On the night of the 16/17th September, €8000 worth of our farm equipment was stolen. We are gutted. We  – Cloughjordan Community Farm – are one of the very few community owned farms in Ireland. And we have  – had – very little equipment anyway. We are also one of the few farms in Ireland using working horses – and that’s a huge part of what was taken (details below).

We grow healthy seasonal food, using organic principles, for our the local  community. We do this on the ecovillage site in Cloughjordan, north Tipperary (Ireland).

In short, we really believe in what we do and how we do it. We try to thread as lightly on the earth and give our friends and neighbours the best of food. We use horses to avoid soil compaction (and for lots of other reasons!), we try to pay our farmers properly, we don’t use pesticides, we allow our members to take as much food as they need.

And much of the little bit of kit we had to do this (which was locked away not lying around!) has been robbed from us.

Here’s what was taken:
Chainsaw; welder/generator; bernie saddles; bridles; trace ropes; full working harness and collars with stainless steel fittings.  (A farm member’s trailer was also taken from our compost station – to put this stuff into! – we’ll also sort him out if we reach our target.)

We will do a fundraising event here in Cloughjordan with several pairs of working horses from all over Ireland on the Sunday 11th October. Do try to pop by.

We have great supportive members but its difficult to make ends meet at the best of times – unlike the vast majority of farms we receive zero subsidy payments.

It would be really really great to reach E8000. And if we go over E8000, our economically poor but culturally rich farm will use the money wisely!

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