Hackcamp Reclaim the Commons: the outcomes


Felipe G Gil shares a series of links from this year’s ZEMOS98 festival’s own hackcamp. This was originally published in Zemos98’s blog.

During the past (and last ever, sigh) ZEMOS98 Festival we organized an international activity called “Hackcamp ‘Reclaim the Commons“. Many people from different countries took part in and we have been editing and producing some outcomes. Those outcomes are for everyone, but specially for them who have participated. Many thanx to them from the ZEMOS98 team.

  • A PDF which includes all the documentation we have been producing and most importantly, an evaluation of the Hackcamp based on your feedback. You can download it.
  • These 4 videos:
    • A nice summary of the Hackcamp.
    • Culture”, with interviews made during the Hackcamp to Virginia Benvenuti, Sam Khebizi, Andrew Patterson and En Liang Khong, among others:
    • Archive”, with interviews made during the Hackcamp to María Yáñez, Claire Dolan and Mariana Salgado, among others:
    • Institution”, with interviews made during the Hackcamp to Guillermo Zapata, Mauro Castro, Teodor Celakoski, Igor Stokfiszewski and María G. Perulero among others.

We would like to ask you for help spreading this in your networks.

Thanks :)

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