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Hack-Up is an informal meeting for people sharing a common passion for technology and hacking devices.
It works like this: people propose different ideas and groups are self-assembled. Each group has to develop a project in 4 hours. All projects are published in an open wiki allowing anybody to use or implement them. No long term commitment, no remorse about leaving, no problem branching the project and building on it and making it your own. It’s that easy!

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May 17th 2009 – Hack-Up Event

This little post to inform you all that the next Hack-Up event is set for May 17th 2009 in Milan, all the projects can be proposed at this this Wiki Page.

The same page will be used also to collect the names of the people coming to the event in a way to get the better organization for the event.

Further news will come, in the meanwhile subscribe and propose projects.

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