Elia Kagel on Curating for the Commons in the Berlin Supermarkt Coworking Space

Here is an excellent and clear interview with Ela Kagel on Supermarkt on the cultural commons space in Berlin.

Growing together with others: an interview with Ela Kagel of SuperMarkt

In this conversation Ela Kagel describes how the collectively-run project SUPERMARKT emerged and developed over the last years. Based in Berlin, the aim of the project is to provide a space in which a curated program goes along with the self-organized work of local and international initiatives. Putting a thematic emphasis on open source technologies, collaborative practices, and alternative economies, the notion of the commons plays a central role for SUPERMARKT. It allows for connecting a critical approach to digital culture with aspects of governance and economic development. The diverse program is considered to be an on-going experiment for the translation of global and theoretical issues into daily community practice – and vice versa.

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