“Growing Cities” documentary on urban farming

From their site:

Growing Cities is a feature-length documentary film about urban farming across America. It follows two friends in their road trip across country as they meet with leaders in the urban farming movement and learn how cities are being revitalized one vegetable, bee, and chicken at a time.

(See the Growing Cities Preview video)

Some would says times are bleak in our country today—one third of our children will develop diabetes, nearly 9% of the population is unemployed, and environmental disasters such as the Gulf oil spill and Katrina have become almost commonplace.

In our hometown, Omaha, NE, signs tell us how we are one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Yet, there are other signs that say we are also one of the least healthy. The idea for Growing Citiescame out of this conundrum. If growing bigger isn’t making our cities healthier and more vibrant places to live, then what kind of growth will? That’s when we started thinking about a different kind of growing … one that involves rooftop gardens, backyard chickens, and vegetables literally sprouting out of concrete.

Growing Cities follows me, Dan, and my friend Andrew on our road trip across country learning about Urban Agriculture from city-dwellers who’ve made it their lives. Visiting urban centers from Los Angeles to New Orleans we discover a diverse, grass-roots movement that is building across our country—people growing food in cities to make a living, to learn and to teach, to provide safe and nutritious food for their children, and to build stronger and more vibrant communities.

The film will also track the development of city farming throughout our country’s history and examine the biggest challenges urban farmers face today.

Through our journey we’ll re-imagine what is possible in urban settings and inspire Omahans and all Americans to create growing cities of their own—places that are healthier, more sustainable, and socially just.

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