GroundOS aims to give users control in cloud computing

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Cloud computing at this point means giving up freedom over your own data in exchange for the ability to access the cloud from any web browser. GroundOS provides the exact same benefits, except without the sacrifice of losing control of your data, because you are able to setup and control the cloud in whatever way you wish. The OS in GroundOS stands for “Open Source.” This is in contrast to most cloud solutions available, which are proprietary closed source projects. We feel that GroundOS provides a more “grounded” method than leaving your valuable data in the “clouds” and that is how we derived the name GroundO

GroundOS ( has grown out of a content management system called AgaresCore 4. It is planned to be open source and is promoted as a way of setting up your own personal or business /organization cloud for data and computing applications. The control of cloud applications and data will be by web browser. A first beta release will be available on 1 May.

GroundOS is first and foremost an Ajax based application for the AC4 CMS. It is intended to be an alternative to propertiary cloud web operating systems. GroundOS is the main AC4 application, and it is designed to be the glue that makes the entire system both user friendly, and extremely versatile. It does this by making access to other applications easy, through the use of a window manager similar to desktop operating systems. Unlike most other CMS solutions, GroundOS is a completely generic script that is meant to be put to specific use by the administrator. Where as, with a CMS like WordPress, you know you’re working with a script designed to make an excellent blogging site. With GroundOS, you are instead given a blank canvas, in which you could mold the script and the resulting site to your specific needs, however diverse and unique that might be.

To end users, GroundOS will be looking like a web based desk top that lets them access applications and data from any browser, regardless where or on what computer.

Think of it as your own online personal workspace. In GroundOS, you will use a familiar, desktop-like environment to work with applications. The benefit is that no matter what computer you use, you will have the same GroundOS “desktop” along with all your personal settings and data.

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