Greenpeace Video on Decentralized Energy

Reblogged from the Transition Culture blog
“Greenpeace have just launched an excellent new film called Decentralised Energy – what are we waiting for?, which sets out a very clear argument for decentralised energy. It runs for 18 minutes and is narrated by Clive Anderson. The film sets out a very clear argument for a profound rethink of the National Grid, using the argument that climate change means we have a rapidly reduce carbon emissions, rather than the, in my view, equally compelling argument that it is madness to use a depleting resource in such a wasteful way. The film looks at the jewel in the decentralisers’ crown, Woking, and argues that it offers a model for the rest of the UK.”

(YouTube video IS here even though you might not see it inside your feedreader)

For background, read about the P2P Energy Grid and Micropower.

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