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Great Use of Data Part 3:

This is part of our ‘Great use of Data’ series in which we explore projects and applications that use data in new and existing ways.


Who are they?
RewiredState has concluded that what the Government does with public data, can be done better by geeks. Through a series of initiatives, they encourage people to get together and MAKE things using government data.

They apply the term hacker in its original sense, to show people what can be done, by actively seeking and using public information.

What do they do?
Earlier this year they arranged a National Hack the Government Day in London where more than 30 projects where completed using public sector information. At least two very interesting projects where created: lets you sign up for email alerts whenever a job adverts is posted close to your post code. And according to RewiredState, a team of developers managed to rebuild the Active Places website (which cost the Government £5m) and adding accessibility and mobile support.

Why should I care?
By putting together events and encouraging people to learn and use public data, more projects like JobCentrePlus and ActivePlaces will naturally evolve. By demonstrating what can very easily be done with data like this, we can only hope that the Government will help support a growing demand for better access to public sector information.

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