Graphic: Product Design in the P2P Age

Interesting graphic by Thomas Lommee of

p2p product design process

See here for the commentary by Christian Remon:

“Thomas Lommée, owner of the design studio Intrastructures in Brussels, believes the world has changed. The world we now live in is no longer hierarchical, it is a network society. People are not only connected to each other, but also to producers and products. Only hours, or even minutes, after a product launch, reactions and reviews are published. Today’s world is all about dialogue. Someone blogs about it, someone else reads that blog post and designs a new application for the product involved, a third person customizes, repares or hacks it, someone posts a ‘how to’ video on YouTube, etc. The essential is everyone does something with the product. Users are no longer passive receivers. Moreover, they put it online!! The beauty is the product evolves constantly without the producer interfering. A new eco-system of product development is born. But how exactly is an efficient dialogue shaped?”

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