Governmental transparency in the Netherlands

Openness and transparency can be identified everywhere. In order to innovate by means of co-creation, or just to make public data accessible for everyone. The latter is not always that easy to accomplish, or at least is it not happening on a scale that can be desired.

A Dutch journalist is now very much dedicated to speed up this process. Governmental transparency is what’s it all about. Transparency is needed for more quality of public services, can make the government more efficient, and the public can help the government spending public money more wisely, says Brenno de Winter, the Dutch journalist.

He set up a site called ‘Bigwobber’, which points to the law of openness of public services (in Dutch, Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur, or WOB). On the site you can exchange knowledge by making things tranparent like requests, objections and cases that go to court.

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